I´m from Hungary. I have lived in Austria in the last 9 years and I studied the history of art. This made me want to travel to India and see a completely different culture. During the four months there, I learned a lot about the world and myself. I want to see more now.

I studied symbols and I´m working as a name analyzer (because there are so many symbols in our names that tell us who we are or who can we become), a logo designer (and helping at making company names), a tarot card reader and a dream analyzer in the near future (I´m currently studying that). – Feel free to contact me.

I am thankful that my mom introduced me to Access Consciousness and to the Access Bars technique and I work now as a Bars Facilitator. This technique frees your limited points of views of yours and allows you to choose whatever you would like. In the everyday life, it helped me to see differently and question even myself (it works with questions and “clearing sentences”).

I also do face reading – because your face muscles show how you perceive the world and that is why it changes constantly – and I am doing massages because I like touching bodies.

I have decided to continue this blog because I like to share some of my thoughts with the world and through that, I´d like to explore who I am and how I can change day by day.

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