We travelled 5 hours with a bus from Madurai to Munnar, up to the mountains. It was a different world. The air was fresh, there were small rivers, the nature was full with green color and the weather was cooler. It´s a tea plantation paradise. We enjoyed the "cold" weather, I kind of missed it... Continue Reading →


Our big group began the journey. It is funny to see that everyone has a different energie or role in the group. From the 6 people I knew 3. We started to get to know each other in the bus station waiting for the sleeper bus (yes, in India there are buses with "beds" in... Continue Reading →

The creative month (Hun)

My second month was very different and amazing. I found a salsa class with indian and german people; I went to a studio to draw and paint; I sent out an advertisement in the newpaper for a travel partner... I made so many new friends and felt alive and social. I lived out my creativity... Continue Reading →

Inside world

Hi! I haven´t been writing for the last two weeks, because it was an emotional ride inside me... A lot of desicion makings and confused feelings. I will start with some pictures of the events in these weeks, because afterward I will describe the changes it took place in my life in India. A chinese... Continue Reading →


It was so much fun to be in Goa. We (Balu, Suraj - an architect in Bamboo Center - and me) arrived around 2-3 pm and then went for a jungel walk on the property of a new project. So, this visit was actually a business tour. A company wants to build a adventure place in... Continue Reading →


So, today I´m in a high energie flow, because of the last weekend and the coming events... On friday I went with 3 other friends to the Matrimandir (the golden temple without religion). We met in the morning at 8:30 and were in the meditation hall till 10. I couldn´t bring my phone inside the... Continue Reading →

Dresses and Bikinis

In the last days I was in a lack of time... Somehow everything happens so fast and I didn't get enough sleep. I'm trying to bring myself in a balance now. On monday I was having lunch with a very creative french girl. We met two men, who sat on our table and after our... Continue Reading →

Moving from the jungel

I could stay in this accommodation for 11 nights, because there was no available room left. That is the reason why I had this room and why I have a new one in an other guesthouse. I think the fotos can't show much about the feeling I had while staying in Veritè Guesthouse. I learned... Continue Reading →

Auroville´s Birthday

Today was Auroville´s 49th birthday. Next year it will be huge. Yesterday I went with 3 friends to do the decoration for todays meditation at the Matrimandir. It is a big temple without any religion. I haven´t been inside, but I´m planing it for next week. Here are some fotos:       Today I... Continue Reading →

Indian Celebration

    On Friday I was at the farm in the morning. I didn´t have so much energie as on the other days. At the evening Balu took me to a celebration of the Shiva and Hanuman (indian Gods). We were in a really small temple with 12 other people. I knew 4 of them.... Continue Reading →

Indian Temple,…

On Wednesday Balu took me to the big City "nearby", Thiruvannamalai. It took us 2 hours. He had a meeting with a yoga guru, about a new project they will do together. Their vision is to build an ashram on Balus land next to this city. The ashram will recycle every energie and it will... Continue Reading →

The first official day

Today in the morning I went with the farm owner, Balu to help him. I didn´t do much this time, just did the programs with them, like dancing, playing around and talking about the teachings of the indian Gods and Godesses. The purpose of this day was to bring the aurovillian kids with the kids... Continue Reading →

Arrival and looking around

I’m here… in India… in Auroville. It is still a little bit unbelievable. My flight was not the best, because I got sick… I wasn’t even in India and I had a stomach ache. I couldn’t sleep on the plane, so I was awake more than 27 hours. When I arrived, the airport was so... Continue Reading →

On the way to India

I want to introduce myself short and then tell you about the purpose of this blog. My name is Blanka and I'm from Hungary but I live and study in Austria since 8 years. I'm very interested in psychology (getting to know the soul and mind) as well as art and cultures. I got an... Continue Reading →

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