Es gibt sehr viele Sachen, Erlebnisse, wieso man aufgeben würde und lieber einfach etwas anderes machen anfängt. Ja, du kannst es eifach aufgeben... Oder wirklich auf die Sache zu schauen! Wieso funktioniert es nicht? Soll ich etwas anders machen? Was braucht es von mir? Was soll ich in meine Ansicht, Tat oder in mir verändern?... Continue Reading →

Félelem a megítéléstöl – Hun

Mennyire tartassz attól, hogy megítélnek azért amit szeretsz, amit tettél a múltadban vagy azért aki vagy? Az Access Consciousness-nek van egy eszköze arra az esetre, ha te valaki mást vagy téged ítélnek meg. Így hangzik: " Ez egy érdekes nézőpont". Mindent lehet teljesen más szemszögböl megvizsgálni és mindenki a személyes története alapján ítél meg valamit... Continue Reading →

Ki a nagy Ö? – Hun

Nagyon érdekes, amikor valakit meglátsz és eldöntöd, hogy ö a Nagy Ö. Nekem 18 évesen volt egy ilyen helyzetem. Utána egyszer beszéltem ezzel a sráccal és bebizonyosodott, hogy tényleg össze illenénk. Akkoriban volt barátom és ezért nem is jött szóba bármilyen változtatás az életemben. Négy évre rá találkoztunk személyesen és arra lettem éber, hogy nem... Continue Reading →

Eine Muse – DE

Eine Muse Was ist eine Muse? Der Person, der dich inspiriert. Es muss nicht eine lebende Person sein, wie wir sehr oft von Autoren oder Künstler das wissen. Es muss auch nicht jemand sein, mir dem du Kontakt hast. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass meine besten Freund mich immer inspirierte, auch dann, wann ich angefangen habe... Continue Reading →

Access Consciousness – Eng/Hun

Access Consciousness ... What is that? It's a different form of living a life. One technique is Access Bars. It is a head-on process (it feels like a head massage) which takes approximately one hour and the person, who gives you the Bars touches 32 points on your head. It releases the stress and thoughts... Continue Reading →

Vipassana course (Hun)

Vipassana is a technique, which was taught by Buddha, but somehow the practice got lost during the centuries. Goenka was the one, who rediscovered it and now, you can take this course all over the planet. They recorded him, so the teaching will stay the same, without any deformation. For 10 days, you can´t talk... Continue Reading →

Last weeks in Auroville

I spent 2-3 weeks in Auroville. I was with my best friend Darner most of the time. We watched movies and had so much great conversations. I loved it! In spite of these experiences, I couldn´t find my place. I had thoughts about staying here till August, or moving to Auroville or just living a... Continue Reading →

7.Coimbatore, Sadhguru´s ashram

The last 3 days (from Monday to Wednesday) Hilde and me changed the “drama queen” title. That means, I was frustrated and just not in the mood and Hilde tried to please me and solve all the problems about our travel, then a half day later she was frustrated and had problems with everything (I... Continue Reading →


It was 7am, we already travelled 12-13 hours. The bus passed Bangalore, a city where we wanted to go to Auroville later on the week. I thought to myself that we could jump off the bus and go “home”, because I didn´t had the feeling of continuing the trip (low energy). 10 minutes after my... Continue Reading →

Girls day

Dora, Hilde and me decided to spend the morning in the swimming pool. It was great. They made swimming races, where both of them were close to drowning (the competition was in swimming rings, just to make it look more fun). I continued my “roasted chicken” strategy. In the afternoon, we went on a search... Continue Reading →

Waterfall, Spice Garden,…

Our next day (4th May) looked much different. We started in the early morning, 8am, with a cab to the waterfalls. We could spend 90 minutes there. Ilango and Darner jumped in the water and after solving the problem of not bringing a bikini with herself, Dora managed to go in as well. Somehow she... Continue Reading →

5.Baga, Panjim (Goa state)

We found the most amazing place. A normal priced hotel with a swimming pool, big rooms with Air Condition and the man was so nice, that he let us move in at 8am, have breakfast and don´t pay extra. It was heaven. The only thing that bothered me was that I couldn´t go in the... Continue Reading →


1st of May! We traveled for 9-10 hours. I slept quite well. In Mangalore, we booked a train for the night. We stopped in this city, because there was no bus available to Goa so we came half way long. The plan was to spend the day on the beach and then go to the... Continue Reading →


We spent a whole day in Kochi, which had the impression of the lagoons in Venice. It was very hot (as always) and we visited one tourist attractions, a palace. It was small and we couldn´t take pictures. We were later in a Christian church. Most of the population in Kerala (south west state in... Continue Reading →

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