Listening to the Body – Eng

I know that you heard this a thousand times. However, I would like to see it from a different perspective how and why is it important in our daily life.

Sometimes I feel my body as stiff in the morning. It is like it wants to have a stretch or a light yoga. One day I did what it asked for. After only a 15 minutes yoga routine with the help of a youtube video, my body felt great and different the whole day long. “Routine” … It is an interesting word. You repeat the same thing every day or so… Do our bodies like routine or to know what is coming next? In these moments, we are not present, our mind wanders and we lose connection with ourselves and our body. We just exist.

At this point, you should build up an awareness of your body and “ask” it: “What would you like to do or try out that I did not even think of yet?” Your body likes new things and to have fun and play. With routine, you do the movements without having to think about it. On one day, your body may like a little walk or just a short workout, on other days it may like to run, hike or something new.

Would you give your body the gift of not planning ahead a week and always ask it “what would be the best activity for today”? If you really paid attention to its desires, you would be more present during the motions and what your body feels like before and after it moved. What can your body do actually? You may build up a gratitude, after seeing what it is capable of doing just for the fun.

When you reach this state of awareness and gratitude, you may start to ask your body about other things, like what it would like to eat or wear? With whom it would like to meet or sleep with? With what degree would your life look different if you choose your body and not the strict diets and trainings? Are you willing to choose your body and awareness? are you willing to change?

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