Last weeks in Auroville

I spent 2-3 weeks in Auroville. I was with my best friend Darner most of the time. We watched movies and had so much great conversations. I loved it!

In spite of these experiences, I couldn´t find my place. I had thoughts about staying here till August, or moving to Auroville or just living a nomad life. However, I found myself stuck and I felt my soul so heavy. I wanted to be alone most of the times and meditate, but I couldn´t do it in my room. I needed to clear my mind with all my experiences I had in India. 3-4 months of different events and me changing completely in every month was too much. I was really a different person in every month.

Dora came to Auroville after she spent 2 weeks on the Andaman Islands (Indian Islands near to Thailand). She told me that Hilde decided to go on a 10 days vipassana meditation, which is a silence retreat. I was moved inside and I knew that this is what my inner self was looking for. 10 days of not speaking, communicating through phone, reading, listening to music or writing. I already did a 5 days’ retreat in Hungary last March, let´s see what the 10 days will give me.

I not only decide to do the silence retreat, but I also know the date when I will travel back home. I feel complete and done with India. I experienced everything that I needed to. The retreat will end on the 11th, I will travel from Tiruvannamalai to Chennai, spend 3 days there and then fly back home on the 14-15th June. 4 months in India. It was amazing and the silence retreat is the perfect ending.

Az utolsó 2-3 hetet a legjobb barátommal, Darnerrel töltöttem. Filmeket néztünk, filozofáltunk,… Nagyon szerettem ezt az idötöltést.

Nagyon jól éreztem magam, de valahogy nyugalomra és a semmire vágytam. Túl sok gondolat és tapasztalat volt bennem, amit nem tettem még helyre magamban. Dóra visszaérkezett az Andaman szigetekröl 2 hét után (a szigetek Thaiföld közelében vannak). Ö mesélte, hogy Hilde pont aznap döntötte el, hogy részt vesz egy 10 napos csend kurzuson. Ahogy kimondta, tudtam hogy nekem is ott kell lennem. A Vipassana meditáció egészen június 11-ig fog tartani és utána még 2-3 napot fogok Thiruvannamalai-ban eltölteni és 15én hajnalban indul a gépem haza! 4 hónap Indiában… Csodálatos volt és a csendtábor a tökéletes befejezés.

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