Girls day

Dora, Hilde and me decided to spend the morning in the swimming pool. It was great. They made swimming races, where both of them were close to drowning (the competition was in swimming rings, just to make it look more fun). I continued my “roasted chicken” strategy.

In the afternoon, we went on a search for lunch (or dinner). After that we were craving ice cream and we found a place on the beach right at sunset. It was beautiful. We spoke about so many things. Being a woman in India (also how is it to be an Indian woman) and all the stories that people shared with us during our trip. It was already dark, when we felt rain drops on us! What? Rain in India? That was my first experience with rain in my 3 month here. We found a shelter (the restaurant´s place next to the beach). So, most of the restaurants are standing in one line 100-150 meters away from the water. Many of them have tables 50-100 meters from the water, which means that we needed to run in the deep sand. The waiters were running for the tables and chairs. The rain wasn´t soft. It became a storm very fast. There were lightnings and the water poured down from the clouds.

What to do if you can´t move from a place, it´s raining and lightnings are everywhere? Sit down with your diary in the candle light and write your stories while enjoying an ice cream in the dark. That´s what we did for 1 hour. It was just perfect. The storm slowly passed by and we could go home.

The next day our sleeper bus went from Panjim (capital city) at 6pm to Mysore 10am. 16 hours of travelling.

Dóra, Hilde és én eldöntöttük, hogy a csajos napunkat a medencében töltjük. Én megint forogtam, mint egy csirke, ök addig versenyeket csináltak és néha közel kerültek a fuldokláshoz… (persze úszokarikákkal csinálták, hogy viccesebben nézzen ki) 😀

Késö délután elmentünk a tengerpart fele vacsorázni, majd beültünk egy másik helyre fagyit enni. Már sötét volt, amikor esöcseppeket éreztünk magunkon… Ez volt az elsö alkalom, hogy Indiában esett az esö. Gyorsan beszaladtunk a hely fedett részéhez. Egy pár percen belül már szakadt a víz és villámlott. Mit tehetünk, ha egy helyen ragadtunk és ömlik a víz és villámlik mindenhol?! Leültünk a gyertyafényes asztalhoz, rendeltünk még egy fagyit és elkezdtünk naplót írni. Kb 1 óráig voltunk ott, a vihar lecsendesedett és haza tudtunk menni.

Másnap délután 6kor indult az alvó buszunk Panjim-ból Maysore-ba. 16 óra út a buszon…





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