It was so much fun to be in Goa. We (Balu, Suraj – an architect in Bamboo Center – and me) arrived around 2-3 pm and then went for a jungel walk on the property of a new project. So, this visit was actually a business tour. A company wants to build a adventure place in the jungel, because in Goa there are only “tourist programms” like being on the beach, partying and this kind of things. They plan to build bamboo cottages, where one can stay for some days or a week.

We went on a night market, which was fun and I saw a lot of tourists with unappropriate dresses. Some women had a tiny short and a little top on in the dark… I was shocked. I feel much comfortable with long pants on and a scarf. You get used to it, but Goa is the best place for tourists, who want to sunbath in bikinis and behave like in the western culture. It is because Goa belonged to Portugal. A lot of people (indians) adapted that style.

On Saturday we went in the jungel one more time to take pictures and plan where they will build the test cottages to try out how well these take the monsoon (it comes around may-june). I think it will look amazing and the whole project is really interresting. Sunny took care of us the whole weekend. He is responsible for the communication between the two companies and has a lot of different projects as well. He usually likes to go on challenging journeys: hiking on the Himalaya, rowing down a dangerous river…

In the evening we went to the beach. It was really good. I saw cows laying there and thought that “yes, everyone has a beach body!”

I could experince just a bit from Goa in these two days, so I can´t share more about this place. Maybe I will go back for a longer time. It was interesting to see that in India there are so many different parts (where you don´t feel naked in a bikini).

A special tree here in India is growing roots from its branches to support itself. It is so beautiful. They often come in spiral forms (you will see it on the 3rd and 5th picture).




How unique the nature can be. It´s not a snake…

I found a peacock feather. I wore it the whole day long.

A real jungel…

We visited a catholic church.




Everyone has a beach body!



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