So, today I´m in a high energie flow, because of the last weekend and the coming events…

On friday I went with 3 other friends to the Matrimandir (the golden temple without religion). We met in the morning at 8:30 and were in the meditation hall till 10. I couldn´t bring my phone inside the garden, so I have pictures from the miniature constellations from the information center.

In the evening I went to the cinema for the first time here. I watched a hindi film “Lunch Box”, which was really good, but heartbreaking at the end (they made an open end, which is the worst).

On Sunday we went on a trip to Thiruvannamalai. Balu, his uncle (who is a sadhu = lives a religious life without a bond to the family), Christian (a french woman from my guest house), two volunteers from Balu´s farm (Patrick from Cannada and Alex from France) and the driver. Balu´s uncle disappeared for 11 years, they thought he died and only 3 years ago they saw him. He traveled from temple to temple, gave blessings and so on… On this day, Balu could talk to him truely for the first time and he realised that his uncle is not just playing this roll, but he has a amazing and old knowledge and he lives what he teaches… Unfortunately he couldn´t translate the most of his preachings, because he uses ancient tamil words…

We started our journey around 8 and arrived in the ashram at 11am. This was a special day, not just because it was fullmoon, but it was also one of the 4 days in the buddhist calendar, when the energies (positive or negative thoughts and feelings) are 10 million times stronger. The people here do a ritual at every fullmoon: they go around the mountain barefoot (on the hot stones) to clean themselves from the negative energies or thier karma. It takes 3 and a half or 4 hours to do that. Some just go on the mountain top, which is about 2 hours. We wanted to go around the mountain in the afternoon, however we decided to go first to the mountain cave, where Ramana Maharshi (a famouse philosopher and guru lived and teached). We did the tour from 11:30 till 13:45… so after that we just wanted to rest. It was so hot that our whole body was in sweat (so the pictures show the feeling of being really hot, tired adn dirty). We meditated in two caves, both of them was hotter inside than outside, so when I came out to the 40 °C air, I felt like it was 25 or so… On the way back, we visited a little temple and we received blessings and a mark on our forehead (you can see it almost washed off on one foto of me). We ate after that and went to Balu´s land. The sun wasn´t shining so strong anymore and we talked and then we layed on the ground at sunset while Balu was playing sound bowls and flute. We meditated approximately 30 minutes and when we got up the moon was rising with a beautiful orange color. It was so bright. We arrived home at 10pm. It was an amazing day with a perfect end.

Seeing the big Shiva temple in Thiru.



Balu´s uncle and an other sadhu on the way to the caves.

Arriving in the land with the mountain in the background. Hugging the symbolic stone.






The sunset.


the moon at 18:45

I got a flower in my hair for the back road.

My father was corious about the many flowers used by the indian people everyday in this hot climate, where do they grow them and other questions. It is the most important thing here in India to have flowers in the hair of a woman and other flowers to offer to the gods in your home and the temples. The flowers grow on the ground or (most of them) on the trees or bushes. Every flower has an incredible smell (not like in europe). Actually the other interesting thing in the temples are the colors of the bindi (mark on the forehead). You usually get a red and a white one. Women wear red or red-white. Men can wear both colors independent. These symbolise the men and women. Women´s color is the red (menstuational cycle) and the white is for men (I think you know what that stands for…).

On monday I was in Pondycherry for a short time (a big city nearby) and we visited a christen church. It was funny how it looked like. The fotos can´t show it clearly, but it seemed like a barbie church because of the colors. I explained Balu what and how we usually do the ceremony… The cross on the top of the building was shining blue. It´s hard to take it serious when you grew up seeing the european churches.



We went eating afterwards.


On Thuesday I worked on the logo and design for the different projects and companies Balu has. I saw Patrick in the morning. His project is to harvest bamboo leaves and make bamboo tee from the good quality leaves and spray from the less ones. It was a funny moment to photograph Patrick before the giant bamboo tree…








We also were on the Bamboo Land giving a programm for disabled children. They learned to jugle (from Alex), we created mandalas from the nature and danced at the end.






I´m going to Goa for the weekend (only 2 days)… Let´s see what the other side of India lookes like.


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