Dresses and Bikinis

In the last days I was in a lack of time… Somehow everything happens so fast and I didn’t get enough sleep. I’m trying to bring myself in a balance now.

On monday I was having lunch with a very creative french girl. We met two men, who sat on our table and after our conversation they invited us next to the restaurant to their office. The man is from South Africa and traveled all around the world. He speaks 10-15 languages, studies sanskrit, did ayurveda medicine and is in the musical business. The french girl is kind of a musician too, so they played guitar, piano and sang spontaneously. I tried to do some drumming and it was quite good 🙂

In the evening Balu took me to the school celebration to a village, which is 15-20 minutes with a motorbike. Here almost every family has a motorbike and they drive fast, but careful. The most accidents are caused by western people… So, on the first week I promised some girls to go to their school performance. They were so excited when I got there. Everyone wanted to take a selfie and I found myself in the girls dressing room ready to have my makeup… The 12-14 years old girls were so beautifully dressed with shiny jewellery and bright makeup. After I got my dhoti (painting on the forehead), flower in my hair, red lipstick and contour on my eyebrows… I looked in the mirror and I saw a clown! They were used to do a stong makeup on the dark skins, however I have a white skin and it looked funny. I was very polite and said that it was beautiful, but I immediately washed it of, when I got home… So we were there at 6, the show sarted at 7 and went on till 10, but we came back earlier. The girls were soo sweet and it was very interesting to see that the hindu girls and the muslim girls were having different clothes: one had a colorful dress, the other just a black dress with few jewelry on. The show was very funny for me. They did so many dancemoves, which would be ridiculous in our western culture. The performing children were so self-conscious and brave. Here are some fotos where I was myself, and then some more where I was a clown.







My makeup artist.

On Tuesday I went to the beach for the first time. Lieve (the guesthouse owner) brought me there, because it’s not safe to go alone as a woman. There were so many people (just men), about 10-20… Normally during the week there are maximum 5 or so… We were two women with bikinis (which is like going naked) to get some sun. We went straight to the water, which was so wavy that I immediately got used to it. We swam 20-30 meters inside to avoid men, because they usually just play with the waves and can’t swim. It was so nice. Later I found out that there are no sharkes here… It crossed my mide sometimes in the deep water. We layed on the waves, then we got out and sunbathed on the beach filled with plastic (we searched for a clean area). The men were following us, but Liebe had a friend (a coconut seller), who was nearby. Two girls came to me to take a selfie, then a boy, but I got rid of him (Lieve was helpful and sent him away). We went swimming and sunbathing one more time, then drank a coconut and went home. We spent 2-3 hours at the sun, so I got a little bit red (even though I used a 60 factor suncream twice). It was safe with someone to go with, and the stares from the men was okey, because they didn’t get used to bikinis in their culture. Even if western women come here every weekend… It was a nice experience, but I will go only with someone and maybe swim like the indian women: in a t-shirt and pants…

On Wednesday I was going to a village tour to look what was Balu’s fist project. He created a kindergarten and primary school for schmall village children to experience education without exams and encouraging them to use their creativity and learn english with games. It was so nice. I met a woman from Belgium, who was visiting her father (who lives here since 20 years). We connected so easily and talked the whole tour through. In the village we got to see how the people make ceramics. When we were back in the school the children did a little performance and afterwards we had lunch, served on washed palm leaves. Some fotos from this amazing day:





In the afternoon we went to a celebration of the women’s day. I needed to go after one hour, because I didn’t expect an active ceremony and the women from Auroville were playing games and dancing. I had to rest. I felt my battery was dying. Some pictures:



So here I am, having the most spontaneous time of my life, having no energie left. I need to get more sleep and get ready for the weekend and the next week, which will be adventurous… I will try to inform you more frequently. The future plans are to go tomorrow to the Matrimandir (temple without religion, in the center of Auroville), to go to Thiruvannamalai (2hours from here) on the weekend for a mountain walk and a fullmoon meditation (and probably camping) and other interesting plans for next week, however I can’t see clearly for more than 2-3 days in advance.

Have a beautiful evening!

My little roommate. Quiter than the last one.


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