Moving from the jungel

I could stay in this accommodation for 11 nights, because there was no available room left. That is the reason why I had this room and why I have a new one in an other guesthouse. I think the fotos can’t show much about the feeling I had while staying in Veritè Guesthouse. I learned so many things without realising it.

The first day and night was not so comfortable. The toilets were far away and the showers had only cold water. It is 33 C everyday, but in the night it is around 20 C with a lot of hummidity. It makes the air colder. I prefered to shower after the sunset, because the mosquitos didn’t bite that time (and the hot hours during the day).

So, after I went to sleep under my mosquito net, worrining about what or who will come in my room (I wasn’t sure if the lock was enough strong), I woke up at 3-4 am hearing a loud sound in my bedroom. I picked up my torch and did some noise. I saw nothing but the bin rolled over. I knew I was in a room with rats. The woman mentioned something about locking my passport away from rats, but I didn’t thought they were moving in the room so freely (no worries, I gave my passport to the office right after I arrived).

In the moring I looked my stuff trough and realised that the rats left everything alone, they were just interested what my soap tasted like (they didn’t like it). I was calmed down to know the rats won’t try to eat my electric stuff.

After this experience, I was much confident with my room-mates. I heared them every night, but it didn’t bothered me, because it wasn’t so loud. One night I came back late (1 am) and I was scared when I came closer to my room… a really big cat jumped down and run away. An other night I didn’t hear the rats and was missing them in a weird way. During the day a big blue bug came in and flew out in the other way. I was very confortable with this coming and going life in my room.

I also learned that I don’t need much stuff to live and that I can survive with cold water and mosquitos. In the night and the early morning it was cold and I could hear the indian temple music from the neighbor village at 5-6 am, but most nights I slept through.

The things that I could not learn in my previous room is that I didn’t find my place to meditate or just feel kind of home.

in my new room I have enough space to do yoga and it’s not hot during the day and not cold in the night. Just perfect with it’s blue color. I feel so grateful what I could experience in my other guesthouse and now I appreciate every small detail… Happy to spend 1-2 months in this room 🙂

Here are the pictures from my guesthouse, bathroom and room:







My present room (I will upload better pictures from it in other postes):



So, I hope I could share some interesting things and thoughts.

Till my next post, bye!

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