Auroville´s Birthday

Today was Auroville´s 49th birthday. Next year it will be huge. Yesterday I went with 3 friends to do the decoration for todays meditation at the Matrimandir. It is a big temple without any religion. I haven´t been inside, but I´m planing it for next week. Here are some fotos:






Today I woke up at 4 AM to get to the meditation at 5 am. I went with Balu, his family and Reiko. The ceremony or the Sunrise Meditation/Bonfire Meditation lasted till 6:30. It was amazing how the time went by. Everything was so calm (and cold). I´m glad that I went, even if I was a little tired today.

in the dark at 5am


with light at 6:15 am




I went to a close farm today before 12 am to meet a guy from Austria. He was working with his friend, who is volunteering in nothern India, and came here for some days as a holiday.


At lunch we celebrated a womans 60th birthday.



After the lunch I visited my next guesthouse. I will move there on Friday. It has an other atmosphere, but lets what kind of people living there.

Oh, and in the bathroom there is sometimes one or two frogs, but they are at the ceiling, so I´m not afraid of them… However, 1 hour ago I didn´t see them and I thought they went out of the room… then I washed my hands and….!!!!!


That´s my last picture today 😉

I was so close to him that I jumped back, but he just sat there with closed eyes, waiting for me to turn off the lights.

Good night and watch out in the bathroom.

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