Indian Celebration



On Friday I was at the farm in the morning. I didn´t have so much energie as on the other days. At the evening Balu took me to a celebration of the Shiva and Hanuman (indian Gods). We were in a really small temple with 12 other people. I knew 4 of them. There was a big black statue of Hanuman and fruits were on and before the sculpture as a gift. We heard the stories of the Gods from a guru. He explained the deep meaning of these two Gods. We singed, did the OM and meditated. We ate fruits and a sweet dish made from rice. We got home around 1 AM. Most indian people celebrate the whole night trough, but it would have been too much for us.


The dreamcatcher is ready!

I didn´t do anything on Saturday, because I got sick, so I just relaxed and was at my guesthouse. I felt better at the afternoon.

The weather on Sunday was cooler than normally. That means 30 °C without sunshine. Balu invited me to a Kali festival. Kali is a female Godess and has an agressive power to fight against the darkness and demons. I invited two french women from my guesthouse and one more swedish man came with us. We were there from 6 to 9 PM. As we arrived in the village Balu´s friend told us, that we could have free food (that happens only in India). 😀  The food was really good and clean. Here are some Fotos from the Dinner:




After we ate, we went to the ceremony. There were so many people, I was glad to have Balu there. The crowd started moving and the “Kali” came. Some people symbolised the Kali and killed the sleeping demon (which was made from sand in a human form). The people believe that if you throw coins or vegetables (what you produced) to the circle, you will get more the next year. we were near the circle, so we got hit by these things. The moving crowd was scarry. They took some sand from the “killed demon” to bring it to their home altar. It brings luck. This festival is important, because it symbolises the dark power, which tooks your dead loved ones and after the Kali´s win, there is light. It reminds to defeat the dark power within us. After that we got a sweet dish in Balu´s mothers house.

Here are the fotos from the festival:


The Kali

Some more Fotos from the days:


My usual breakfast (the brown one is some cinnamon pudding)

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