Indian Temple,…

On Wednesday Balu took me to the big City “nearby”, Thiruvannamalai. It took us 2 hours. He had a meeting with a yoga guru, about a new project they will do together. Their vision is to build an ashram on Balus land next to this city. The ashram will recycle every energie and it will be free for anyone to come there. The land was kind of like a desert. The tiny “grass” was dried out and there were some trees, but only on the sides. It’s amazing that Auroville and a lot if other ashrams were in wors conditions than this, and now they are green lands full with life.

After that, I had my first proper indian meal. They showed me how I should eat it. I think, I left half of the food there, because it was too much for my body. This is how you should eat: Indian people use one of their hands to eat and the other to touch the plates. They put some rice in the middle and then mix it with one of the sauces (curry, coconut, lentils…). This is how it looked like:



Balu showed me the famouse ashram, Sri Ramanasramam, in the city before we left. I will upload the video about it in 2 days. We went in a meditation room and meditated 5-10 minutes. The energie was amazing! It was so clear and deep.

On the way home, we stoped at a temple. In India, they don’t take so much care about the ancient buildings, because there are soo many of them. I even met a monkey… He was big and I was so afraid, but Balu told me how to behave: don’t show your theets, be calm… In the temple we got the prayers or energies from the Gods. Here are the fotos:





Today, on Thursday, I was at the farm. This time an other village school came (40 children). We danced, singed and made a little theater. Some girls fighted over me, I was the attraction.


So, it is really amazing to meet these people and be here. I also meet a lot of tourists, who share their unique stories, from which I can learn. I also realised that we use so much paper and make waste from everything. We are not seeing our garbage bags. Here, the people are much more conscious. They live and don’t forget about the future generations, who may live on a dirtier land if we don’t learn from each other.

Thank you for your time on my blog. Share your thoughts, if you desire.

Live fully from your Heart!

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