The first official day

Today in the morning I went with the farm owner, Balu to help him. I didn´t do much this time, just did the programs with them, like dancing, playing around and talking about the teachings of the indian Gods and Godesses. The purpose of this day was to bring the aurovillian kids with the kids from the near village together and teach them about their inner world. This project will last one week long, so we have time to work on different ideas with them.

After lunch I went to the Information Centrum and rent a bike. I want to explore Auroville on one of the days. I felt so free to walk around and be spontaneous whatever I do. I meet new and friendly people all the time and I just made a plan for tomorrow to visit a Temple far away. This will take all of my day.

I experienced today that you can shower and wash your hair with cold water on the outside. The most important thing to have in mind, is to be real quick… My legs were red, because of the mosquito bites… not a good feeling.

From now on, I will probably write every 2 days, so I have more time to enjoy without electricity.

I will share now some fotos and videos about the trip.

When you are an immigrant
Funny fence in Auroville
At the farm after some dancing
The women draw this geometric symbol every morning and night. It is a protection and invitation to the house at the same time.
Tee and cookies after dancing
Every day it´s 33°C
The trip from Chennai to Auroville

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