Arrival and looking around

I’m here… in India… in Auroville. It is still a little bit unbelievable.

My flight was not the best, because I got sick… I wasn’t even in India and I had a stomach ache. I couldn’t sleep on the plane, so I was awake more than 27 hours.

When I arrived, the airport was so much different than in Europe, it wasn’t so much organized and clean. There were big and small sculpures of indian Gods and Godesses. I found my taxi driver and 3 more hours to go to Auroville. During the drive I saw a lot of poverty. Everyone was telling me, that it is bad, but when you see it with your own eyes it’s different. I had an ongoing question in my mind: “how can they live from *that?” There were a lot of small restaurant, temples and people with cows. They don’t eat them, they just use their milk. The cows were everywhere and they learned when to cross a road with safety. The cars were honking all the time. It wasn’t a stress. It was more like a signal that they are there and watch out.

I was in Auroville at 10:30. I realized that Auroville is not a small place I thought it was. It’s pretty big. The roads are red and dusty. Here are more white people and the clothing is not so strict, however you should cover your shoulders and wear a little bit longer shorts (what a funny word combination).

I will take pictures and show them in one week, because I don’t want anyone to freak out till then. My “room” is not a usual sleeping place, so I need to get used to some weird (and inconvenient) things. There is only cold water (it is 27 C in the evening, so it wasn’t so bad), there are english toilets and other ones too and you should not flush the toilet with paper.

I met someone today, his name is Balu (like the bear from the jungel book). I will go to his farm tomorrow to teach kids about art and make geometric symbols with them.

So, this was the warm up. Tomorrow it is an official day!!! And a special one too: the founders “the Mother”s birthday!

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