On the way to India

I want to introduce myself short and then tell you about the purpose of this blog.

My name is Blanka and I’m from Hungary but I live and study in Austria since 8 years. I’m very interested in psychology (getting to know the soul and mind) as well as art and cultures. I got an intuition last year, a feeling that I need to go to India. Of course I thought, “Ok, I will deffinitly travel there one day, however it will happen at least in 2-3 years”. Now I am on the Heathrow airport, London waiting to connect to my 10 hour flight to India. I will explore India about 3 months long.

So, this was the short story and, in addition I would like to tell you that throughout this journey I want to experiment how much of me I will and want to share on this blog.

I’m writing this blog, so my family and friends can follow my extraordinary journey in a far county and a different culture and I don’t have to conntact them so frequently. However, I do this for me. At home I’m writing my diary and it’s interesting how a person changes through the years.

I’m going with no expectations and strict plans. I rely on the unexpected life, which turned my life around a couple of times.

Let the journey begin!

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